Stanford University:
2010 – Present

In 2010 I became a Consulting Professor at the Energy Resources Engineering Department, Stanford University. I am associated with the Smart Fields Consortium that specializes in Optimization applied to Oil Reservoirs.  I continue my research and academic activities both there and at Thornton-Tomasetti.

In 2010 an ebook was published by Bentham Science Publishers:

We wrote the introductory chapter with the same title

and I also collaborated in Chapter 9:

This book describes applications in a variety of fields of fitting and approximation by linear combinations of exponentials. This is a rich and classical subject that is numerically challenging due to ill-conditioning. The methods of choice are variations of the method of Prony and Variable Projections.

In May 2011 I participated in the celebrations of the 50 years of the creation of the Instituto de Cálculo and the arrival of Clementina, the Ferranti Mercury computer that came to the School of Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1961.

A book on Least Squares was published.:

“Least Squares Data Fitting with Applications”, with P. C. Hansen and G. Scherer. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore (2013).


This book surveys basic modern techniques for the numerical solution of linear and nonlinear least squares problems and introduces the treatment of large and ill-conditioned problems. The theory is extensively illustrated with examples from engineering, environmental sciences, geophysics and other application areas.

With my Ph. D. student, Laura Perez and C. Angelo (Universidad de Rio Cuarto, Argentina), we use PASVA4 for solving some challenging control problems:

“Nonlinear Optimal Control Applied to Energy Management in Hybrid Electric Vehicles”. Proceedings IV MACI (2011).

We continue the work on the fast solution of the wave equation by model order reduction techniques.

“Model Order Reduction for Efficient Seismic Modeling”, with Chunling Wu and Dimitri Bevc. SEG Annual Meeting (2013).


Founding partner of:

  • Los Altos Energy. Developers of Virtual Survey (patented), a software package for the design of seismic surveys in realistic 3D geology.
  • Vizrsoft. Developers of Terrasa, a modern software package for 3D geological modeling, seismic ray tracing and visualization. VP of Technology.
  • LWBP1 LLC. A partnership to develop an oil field in Louisiana.
  • ————————————————————————————–
  • Consultant for Chevron Co., San Ramon, CA.
  • Consultant for GeoEnergy, Houston, TX.

Victor Pereyra

Thornton-Tomasetti (Retired)

19200 Stevens Creek Boulevard

Cupertino, CA 95014


Tel: (650) 230-0210

Stanford University

Energy Resources Engineering

Smart Fields

Stanford, CA

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